Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Hacking the Gibson News

William Gibson

William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, coiner of the term “Cyberpunk”

Once again, TGIF kittens! We’ve had a week off thanks to a salmon burger of sketchy antecedents, and are happy, relieved, and about five pounds lighter as we swing into the saddle once again. Let us begin with a story.

Long ago in the mists of time, when Jennifer Lopez was but a twinkle in In Living Color’s eye, your humble editor worked at a Starbucks in Vancouver. And into that Starbucks, every weekday morning, came William Gibson, regular as clockwork at 6:10 am, ordering a latte. And it did your humble editor’s cold and shrivelled heart good to see someone buying expensive and then-exotic espresso beverages with money he earned writing. Then, he vanished for a period of about four weeks. When he finally rematerialized, your editor asked him where he’d been. “We thought you were sick. Is everything all right?”

Gibson replied, “Oh yes, I was gone awhile because Details magazine sent me to Ireland to interview U2.”

Whereupon our humble editorial knees buckled and we weakly asked…”doyouneedanassistant?”

Sadly, he did not.

Oopsie: UK Home Office releases sex abuse victims’ names online, death threats ensue (TheIndependent)

Canadian government spies on Canadian media consumers (OpenMedia)

Elderly man pawns wedding ring to buy food for Alzheimer’s afflicted wife: police buy ring back, bring food (CTV)

Women in Tech: the Book: The Kickstarter (Kickstarter)

This 125-Year-Old Letter Sheds New Light on the Word ‘Hack’ (Wired)

A Historical View of Intelligence Gathering: Revolution (Sofrep)

What Your Facebook Posts Mean to US Special Operations Forces (DefenseOne)

You Don’t Own What You Bought: Drone Maker Updates Firmware On All Drones To Stop Any Flights In DC (Techdirt)

FBI agent says the only way to stop Anonymous is to get them all girlfriends; in related news, FBI is sexist (Fusion)

Media group attempts to stiff hacker magazine. The predictable ensues (2600)

London Philharmonic performs piece inspired by testimony of Adrian Lamo at Chelsea Manning’s trial (ClassicalMusic)

The Anti-Barrett Brown Case: Cops Don’t Care About Violent Online Threats (Jezebel)

Taylor Swift Nudes: The Phantoms of the Internet (Gawker)


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