A forensic analysis as to why legal judgements against Barrett Brown & Jeremy Hammond should be overturned

A very informed article on the legal ramifications of the Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond cases.


Publications that used or referred to information from Stratfor hack or analysis

On January 22nd US journalist Barrett Brown will know whether he will receive up to 8.5 years imprisonment for what are basically minor offences he allegedly committed in response to FBI provocation – all because of his investigations in the murky dealings of private security companies and their secret links with the US Government. One such company he was looking into was Stratfor – information about which was made available allegedly by Jeremy Hammond, now serving 10 years imprisonment. However, more than twenty of the world’s mass media outlets were party to publishing this information, but were not prosecuted. Why? Because in doing so the patent absurdity of the prosecution cases against Brown and Hammond would be laid bare. Below, we publish a forensic analysis of what was published and by which outlet and

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