Prince Andrew denies allegations he had sex with underage teenager

Did you ever think, in your whole life, that you would read a sentence like that? Davos is the world economic forum, and a British prince has used the lecturn there to defend himself against a potential criminal charge of statutory rape. How the world has changed.

Global News

WATCH: Prince Andrew publicly addresses the underage sex controversy he is embroiled in.

DAVOS, Switzerland – Prince Andrew on Thursday publicly denied for the first time allegations that he had sex with an underage teenager.

The 54-year-old royal, the Queen’s second son and fifth in line to the throne, has faced increasing pressure to respond to the accusations after the woman, identified only as Jane Doe No. 3 in court papers, named him in documents filed with a Florida court.

The filing was part of a lengthy lawsuit against American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who the woman claims forced her to have sex with prominent people, including Prince Andrew. He is not named as a defendant in that case, and no criminal charges or formal allegations have been made against him.

READ MORE: U.S. lawyer Alan Dershowitz denies underage sex claims in case involving Prince Andrew

Buckingham Palace officials have strongly…

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