Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber News for Jan 7

Noir Night Scene

Noir Night Scene by Tamás Mészáros on Flickr

Hello again, kittens! Happy what-is-it WEDNESDAY! That’s it, Wednesday. All day. Happy Wednesday, and truly, were two less-likely sentencemates ever cobbled together to provide a desperately-reaching link roundup intro?

I think not. I very much think not.

And so to our long-delayed (by holidays, and by an assortment of flus and fevers that have me wondering whether I should stop getting my groceries from that nice man in the blue suit who comes around to the door magically just as I run out of milk. The sight of his thoughtful, if neutral and forgettable, face and medium build creeping closer on those silent rubber-soled shoes brightens my day. My shriveled heart beats a little faster when I hear the familiar “whop, whop” of his black helicopter) link roundup.

Where was I?

Reporter tries to report on a billionaire sex criminal. YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! (DailyBeast)

Global Chilling: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers (PEN)

You’ve Got Mail: Toronto illustrator vows to send a portrait of a missing or murdered Aboriginal woman to Stephen Harper every day (TorStar)

The Troll’s Lawyer (Medium)

SK says NK has 6000 cyberwarriors (AP)

Space makes sounds. And they are terrifying (DeadState)

What Barrett Brown’s Three Remaining Charges Mean For Journalism (MintPressNews)

Troll-hunting: Prime time viewing in Sweden (Good)

How covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations (TheIntercept)

A Short History of Police Protest (TheMarshallProject)

Former federal cybersecurity director gets 25 years for child pornography (

19 Crypto 2.0 Projects to Watch in 2015 (CoinDesk)

Reporter sues FBI for allegedly hacking her (Gawker)

FBI says search warrants not needed to use “stingrays” in public places (ArsTechnica)

SnoopSnitch App uses radio signals to find nearby tracking devices (TechWorm)

From the Department of No Shit: Anti-terror plan to spy on toddlers ‘is heavy-handed’ (Telegraph)

Steal My Bitcoin Wallet & Rob Me Blind! (

The surprising downside to FBI polygraph testing (AntiPolygraph)

WifiPhisher automates Wifi man-in-the-middle attacks (ThreatPost)

Hacktivists deface MIT site in the lead-up to the anniversary of Aaron Swartz’s suicide (NakedSecurity)

These 11 Technologies Will Go Big in 2015 (SingularityHub)

Ex-Morgan Stanley Employee Who Stole Client Information, Posted It On The Internet Disgusted By The Kind Of Person Who Would Do That (Dealbreaker)

How statisticians changed the war, and the war changed statistics (Economist)

Virginia’s ex-governor was just sentenced to two years in prison (Vox)



Featured Image Meet you at the back in 10 minutes! by Tamás Mészáros on Flickr

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