Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 31 2015

No Chaos

No Chaos

Well, we don’t know what your 2014 was like, but ours was a daily and endless reminder that Eris is the most patient, enduring, and irresistible god. It was an unceasing progression of chaos, during which we only achieved equilibrium in the brief moments in which we were pulled in all directions simultaneously.

So as we show 2014 to the door, carefully guarding its car keys behind our backs, and welcome in the fresh meat I mean face of 2015, let’s look at what are the top news stories of right here, right now, on the last day of our first year of existence.

Stats porn: The Cryptosphere’s 2014 in review (WordPress)

Black hat banksters turn to revenge hacks (Bloomberg)

NSA to VPNs: we have you in a Vulcan death grip. VPNs to NSA: that’s a Vulcan Nerve Pinch, and it’s not fatal (ArsTechnica)

FBI is all like “Was totes North Korea.” Cyber experts are all “Prove it.” Obama’s like, “Trust me.” America’s like, over here in the corner shaking its head (NYT)

Norse, home of the attack tracker map, says, “Guise, guise, was so not North Korea” (Norse)

80% of Dark Web users are after kiddie porn. Slightly less than the percentage of porn surfers on the regular web (Wired)

From the Department of Totally Called It: Lizard Squad 4 Rent! (BusinessInsider)

Illuminati alert! Lawyer who ducked the pedo ring trial is getting knighted by Queen (TheIndependent)

I don’t know why they didn’t just call it but here it is (Slur)

Mounties always get their … uh, drone? Except when the public accuses them of Mission Creep (Canada)

The NYPD is an embarrassment to the city (Gawker)

Contrary to the title, this is NOT actually how DDoS attacks work (Kotaku)

Happy Holidays from lockdown: New holiday photos of Jeremy Hammond in custody (FreeJeremy)

Exactly why Lizard Squad’s attack on Tor failed (Pastebin)

Remember that Lizard Squaddie who tweeted he was being arrested, with pix to prove it? Say hello to those pix, from 2008 (CairoWalker)

The distant past of Lizard Squad (r000t)

Good news: The NSA can’t hack everyone! (NationOfChange)

A Tangled Texan Tale: of MURDER! (TexasMonthly)




Featured Image No Chaos by Daniela Hartmann on Flickr

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