#ShutDownCanada – February 13th

It’s early days yet, and still the movement is building significantly. Will they actually #ShutDownCanada on February 13th? There are plenty of reasons to do so, and plenty of angry people to make sure it does happen. As they used to say in those 60’s adventure shows: STAND BY FOR ACTION!

Powell River Today


The System has failed us all miserably. There is no democracy and we, the people, have an obligation to demand justice for all. The current status quo in Canada serves only the elite few while the majority of Canadians are financial slaves to the system. Politicians do not represent the people, nor have they ever. Indigenous communities know this all too well and have been actively resisting subjugation since contact with the first colonizers who illegally imposed their jurisdiction through covert biological warfare and the ongoing genocide implemented with the residential school system.

The residential schools took the children from the land to disconnect people from their culture in order to take the land from the children. The genocide is ongoing, we still see the constant removal of indigenous children from their ancestral lineages and the untimely deaths of so many indigenous men, women and children. Indigenous peoples are over-represented…

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  1. #ShutDownCanada – February 13th

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