WATCH: Most dramatic protest videos of 2014

I know a shocking number of people in these videos, actually. How many do you know? How many of you are in them? This goes for the officers in the picture as well. Hands up!

Global News

ABOVE: Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri surround and vandalize a police car – just one of the many dramatic images from protests in the small Midwestern town

From Hong Kong to Ferguson, from Israel to Brazil, from the streets of Paris to the streets of Toronto – protesters of all stripes took to the streets once more in 2014.

And in so many cases, the greatest documentarian of this past year’s protests has been you.

Whether you were a bystander, a participant, an aspiring journalist or simply a curious citizen, your cellphone or home camera took viewers into the heart of protest movements around the world.

Maybe it was a statue tumbling to the ground in Ukraine, or the anger and confusion of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Maybe it was the rather unique fertilizer protest in France, or perhaps a heated confrontation between pro and anti-Rob Ford supporters in Toronto.

In every…

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