Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for December 9

Elf nuts roasting on an open fire...

Elf nuts roasting on an open fire…

Happy Tuesday, kittens! Things got a little out of hand at Cryptosphere Global HQ last night, but as you can see order has been restored and everything is once again under control. Also, lunch will be provided by the management today for the basement-dwelling serf class who churn out the pixels you consume so voraciously. They’ll be so pleased; it’ll make a change from Doritos and pizza.

Here are some of the links they rustled up from all corners of the interwebs while all decent people were asleep in their beds.

A history of failed US rescue bids (AlJazeera)

Serpico to cops: you’re punks (NYDailyNews)

Creating a monster in solitary (

Torture report? The CIA is all, “we tortured some people.” (DailyBeast)

Their torturers are good with it (WaPo)

America’s Spies Want To Build an Even More Super Supercomputer (DefenseOne)

Attention Helicopter Parents: there are now GPS shoes for kids (Shhh-cretly)

The Internet is Getting Less Free (NewYorker)

Brits Rule in Favour of the Warrantless Panopticon (NYT)

Antivirus Companies Should Be More Open About Their Government Malware Discoveries (MIT)

No, they shouldn’t (TheRegister)

Toward a Breach Canary for Data Brokers (Krebs)

UBS Turns to Artificial Intelligence to Advise Clients (Bloomberg)

Is Piracy Theft? (TorrentFreak)

Wall Street’s dark pools being drained by regulations, losses (NYPost)

Detecting Alien Planets With Your ‘Run-of-the-Mill’ Digital Camera (SingularityHub)

The Air Force loves Virtual Reality (C4)

Xbox Live service down again due to a new DDoS attack by the Lizard Squad (SecurityAffairs)

AnonGhost Hacks Sub-domain of Air France Website for OpGov (HackRead)

Justice Department Creates Cyber Unit To Provide Legal Guidance On Electronic Surveillance (HSToday)

Irish police mole helped entire IRA leadership avoid capture in 1974 (IntelNews)

Norse CTO says he has evidence that Sony cyber attack was ‘inside job’ (StLouisBusinessJournal)

What it’s Like to be Black In the NYPD Right Now (TheMarshallProject)

Stingray warrantless cellphone snooping by cops outed by Anonymous on YouTube with 75,000 views:

Featured Image via Weird Tales Magazine on Facebook

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