Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 4

Light It Up!

Light It Up!

Getting into holiday mode, kittens? We here at Cryptosphere Global HQ are celebrating the season by coming down with whatever bug that is that gives you a hangover when you’ve only drunk tea and causes you to sleep as though in interstellar cryofreeze, only with the novel addition of sounding like you’re drowning in Jell-o. But here, after a restful 18 hours snooze, are your morning links. It’s morning somewhere, right? RIGHT?

Defeating the Jihadist Narrative, India Edition (OvertAction)

A Look Through The Sony Pictures Data Hack: This Is As Bad As It Gets (Buzzfeed)

DoD To Silicon Valley, VCs: How ‘Bout Some Help! (BreakingDefense)

Steve Jobs’ Emails Take Centre Stage In Apple Antitrust Trial (Wealth-X)

Russian Police to Award $37,000 for Gadgets That Could Hack iPhones (Shhh-cretly)

Hacking media: Al Jazeera hackathon imagines the future of news (GigaOm)

Assad yanks Obama’s chain on ISIS (CBS)

The ISIS Wife Swap Mystery (DailyBeast)

CIA ‘torture report’ could be out Monday (TheHill)

Worrying About Cyber War Is Making Us Less Safe (DefenseOne)

Erik Prince, ex-Blackwater CEO, wants to run the Pentagon (Newsweek)

Pinterest Sued Over Pirated Photos, Imgur Off The Hook (TorrentFreak)

Four ways that technology could destroy mankind (TheTelegraph)

Here’s How the Military Wasted Your Money in Afghanistan (WarIsBoring)

Race, Class, and Violence (CounterPunch)

After China, Russia may ban some Apple products, fearing espionage (Intelnews)

Coffee Talk with Krebs: Nine Questions for Brian Krebs (Cyveillance)

An Interview With Darkside, Russia’s Favorite Dark Web Drug Lord (Wired)

Warning over fake Bitcoin Foundation sites scamming cryptocurrency users (ZDnet)

Inside the “wiper” malware that brought Sony Pictures to its knees (ArsTechnica)



Featured Image Christmas Lights by Gwenael Piaser on Flickr

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