‘Slim chance’ of Ottawa shooter making his way into Centre Block today: security expert

Very interesting to note the changes in one month. How do they impact regular visitors and those who merely see images of Parliament Hill? If our fundamental relationship to the site is ever at risk from security measures, I’d argue it’s the security measures that have to go.

Global News

OTTAWA — The gunman who stormed the halls of Parliament only to die in a flurry of bullets would have a much more difficult time doing the same today, said one security consultant who toured Parliament Hill a month after the attack.

“The likelihood of him making it here on the basis of what I see outside is pretty slim,” said Doug Kirkland, a retired Ottawa police officer formerly in charge of overseeing demonstrations and other major events on the Hill.

It took only 80 seconds for Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, after abandoning his car the eastern gates of  the Hill, to hijack a minister’s vehicle, drive it to the Peace Tower and charge through the front doors.

In photos: The Ottawa shooting and its aftermath

Security footage from that October morning shows an RCMP cruiser, driver’s side door open, chasing the black hijacked car. A second cruiser joins quickly and, about 30 seconds later, a third. But…

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