Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto #News for November 10

i can't go on ill go on

i can’t go on ill go on

Happy Monday, kittens! Before you go on to our daily link roundup, be sure and check out our exclusive interview with “The Forgotten Anon” Jon Cowden; it’s illuminating on the roadblocks that even the most prepared hacktivist faces after prison.

Done? Good. Coffee poured and ready? Excellent. On to our Monday Link Roundup.

Hacking in honour of Aaron Swartz (RT)

The lawyer who defended terrorists (WarIsBoring)

Neuroscientists discover ESP but is that a good thing? (SingularityHub)

Dating website for damaged-stiffy sufferers suffers stiff damage: £10m bill for leak (TheRegister)

Why the world needs Anonymous (MIT)

Ex-Defence contractor gets maximum sentence for bribery (Stars&Stripes)

Bin Laden Shooter story is FUBAR (DailyBeast)

Congressman calls for probe of profiteering Army intelligence official (AP)

Spontaneous nuke chat in Iran (Reuters)

FBI stands by its right to impersonate a free press (NYT)

Bitcoin rises on black market crackdown (Coindesk)

Pirate Bay founder released (TorrentFreak)




Featured image via Beckittns on Tumblr

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