Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 30

Iraq War Memorial

Iraq War Memorial

Welcome to All Hallows Eve Eve. Have you got your costume ready? Which is it to be: InfoSec Taylor Swift or Slutty Jian Ghomeshi? Perhaps an ISIS Social Media Consultant, with burnoose in a QR code pattern. If you’re all out of ideas, maybe sift through our linkdump here for one of them.

Exactly how the Postal Service intercepts and opens your packages (Reddit)

DARPA amplifier circuit achieves speeds of 1 trillion Hz, enters Guinness World Records (KurzweilAI)

How NOT to smuggle guns from Texas to Kazakhstan (WarIsBoring)

The Human Brain Project (SingularityHUB)

FBI claims they’ve identified “Second Snowden,” also claims to have raided house. No proof, no names, no witnesses (DailyMail)

Hacker puts giant cat on Google Maps (TorontoSun)

FBI cut hotel Internet access, sent agents to “fix” it without warrants (ArsTechnica)

Anonymous Claims It Has Hacked Into Govt. Info on Officer Wilson That May Lead to Ferguson Riots (IJR)

Pirate Bay Founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg Found GUILTY in CSC Hacking Case (Techworm)

The CERN Picture Archives (Guardian)

Transhumanism for mental health (IEEE)

My Grandma, the Poisoner (VICE)

Cellist uses her own brain waves as an accompanist (BusinessInsider)

Banksy vs FakeBanksy who is vs OtherFakeBanksy (TheRegister)

Google’s Secretive DeepMind Startup Unveils a “Neural Turing Machine”Google’s Secretive DeepMind Startup Unveils a “Neural Turing Machine” (MIT)

Fake “Online Ebola Alert Tool” delivers Trojan, unwanted apps (HelpNet)


Major Cyberattack Will Cause Significant Loss of Life by 2025 (DefenseOne)

Tens of thousands of Hungarians protest in the streets (NYT)

Family of jailed Washington Post journalist, held for 100 days, asks Iran to free him (WaPo)

Get used to endless war (TheAtlantic)



Featured Image Iraq War Memorial by Dixie Lawrence on Flickr

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