Social Experiment: Muslims in Canada, post-Ottawa Shooting

No, YOU leave him alone

No, YOU leave him alone

This is what you call “a learning experience.” Despite Prime Minister Harper predictably using the shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo on Parliament Hill to rush through legal approval for spy powers he’s been asking for for years, Canadians themselves reject the notion that the shooting was religiously motivated. Here is how ordinary Hamiltonians react when a man in Muslim clothing waits quietly at a bus stop, and another man calls him out as a potential terrorist.

Since after the last few days Canada is hungry for some good news, the video from self-described Activist/YouTuber Omar Albach has gone officially viral, chalking up 520,000 views in 48 hours. By Friday, most of Canuckistan will have viewed it at least once. Which is the least they can do, considering blood was actually spilled in the making of this video (watch to the end).

And this is twice this week I’ve needed a “Canada is badass” tag.

Featured screenshot via Ilmfeed on Twitter

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  1. Thanks to a link from Anonymous Serbia, we’re big in the Balkans today!


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