Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber News for October 28

I never shall be silent

I never shall be silent

I shall never be silent. Because that’s lousy for hits.

Welcome to Tuesday, kittens. In glamourous Scamcouver it’s a moist, drizzly morning illuminated by neon reflected in greasy puddles and tail lights receeding into the distance, desperately questing for the elusive Parking Space.

They will not find it.

So they might as well have their voice emulator read out some awesome news links while they’re waiting and watching, right? Shoulda taken the Skytrain, kittens!

Edward Snowden: A ‘Nation’ Interview (TheNation)

The CIA and FBI protected at least 1000 Nazis (Gawker)

The Facebook Comment That Ruined a Life (DallasObserver)

Here’s a Facebook Comment that will probably ruin another one (Facebook)

Ex-CBS reporter: Government agency bugged my computer (NYPost)

The FBI thinks it has found Glenn Greenwald’s second leaker (TheVerge)

Dexemo Exoskeleton Glove Lets You Feel Virtual Reality Objects (TechNotification)

Print your own Guy Fawkes Mask Free (GuyFawkesMask)

Edward Snowden Says Occupy Wall Street Was ‘Last Time Civil Disobedience Brought About Change’ (Firedoglake)

Verizon Wireless Injects Identifiers to Track Mobile Customers’ Online Activities (TheHackerNews)

Jian vs the CBC (CuntingLinguist)



Featured Image via Beckittns. And if you’re wondering where the rest of our links are, they’re in the circular file: numbers tell me that you like short roundups better than long ones, so that’s what we’re going to be serving up in the future: not all the stories, just the top stories.

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