Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber #News for October 27

Wires Brooklyn Bridge 1914

Wires Brooklyn Bridge 1914

Happy Monday, kittens! Was your weekend full of good food, good company, and hundreds of thousands of Facebook posts about Jian Ghomeshi? No, just me? Here are a handy bunch of links with which you can stuff your Facebook feed, blotting out updates and even thoughts of Canadian celebrities’ sex lives and how they relate to a (former) career asking questions on the tee vee.

Oh wait. He was in Moxy Fruvous. So, he’s got a fallback.

Okay, scratch that. To the links!

Apocalypse Now: Seriously, It’s Time for a Major Rethink About Liberal and Progressive Politics (AlterNet)

Russian Businessman Fined for Delivering Pizza by Drone (MoscowTimes)

Bonus Russian News: Russian Actor Says Ebola Victims Reanimating as Zombies (MoscowTimes)

Anonymous’ #OpHongKong downs 20 pro-government websites (Pastebin)

Chaos Computer Club invites proposals for 31C3 conference (CCC)

The Hack the Trackers challenge (Challengepost)

Warrant: CHP officer says stealing nude photos from female arrestees ‘game’ for cops (MercuryNews)

Anonymous takes down Israeli sites in response to the IDF shooting of a 14-year-old Palestinian boy (CounterCurrentNews)

A cop tried to kill my dog last night (Kinja)

Whisper Suspends Editorial Team Involved In Guardian Visit (Techcrunch)


Featured Image via Old Pics Archive on Twitter.

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