#ObeyParty666 supports the #Anonymous #Paypal14 All Day October 25th

Obey Party Rock

Obey Party Rock by Firework-Grenade on Deviantart

ObeyParty666:It’s a 24-hour fundraiser with an ambitious goal: to get the Paypal 14 closer to paying off the $86,000 restitution. The Paypal 14, you’ll recall (or fake it if you don’t) were charged with participating in the 2010 DDoS attack against Paypal (and Amazon, eBay, VISA, Mastercard, and more) which had frozen WikiLeaks’ funds. The DDoS involved thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of individual users using a program called LOIC (low orbit ion cannon, it’s just a scary metaphor, not an actual cannon) which caused their computers to load the target sites as fast as its chips would go, temporarily taking them down and costing the companies outage time and tech support costs as well as lost sales.

Of course, if you’re trying to buy a Hummel figuring (but why???) from eBay and the site’s down, it’s not a certain thing that you will never go back to eBay to buy that item; it is nonetheless what the companies claimed: millions of dollars in lost income.

11 of the defendants reached a plea deal and are to be sentenced October 29. Part of that plea deal was $5,600 in restitution from each defendant. This is to be paid to eBay, and it totals $86,000.

As the Paypal 14 site puts it:

In terms of the number of defendants, the PayPal case is the largest brought in connection to a DDoS attack, which some activists defend as a legitimate form of protest protected by the First Amendment. While PayPal collected the IP addresses of more than 1,000 computers involved in the attack, the PayPal 14 were the only people charged.

There’s a GoFundMe, slowly crawling its way towards $17,000 after 7 months of promotions and shares and events, which brings us to the topic, which is known in the media biz as “Burying your lede.” Obey Party is an irregularly occurring event involving various hijinks to raise funds and awareness of the case while having fun, and the ObeyParty666 runs from midnight on Friday, October 24 to midnight Saturday the 25th.

Yes, there’s a video and a pastebin press release. It’s Anonymous! These are traditions!

And it’s hilarious.

The first Obey Party involved Anons, masked or not, dancing on YouTube videos and in real life at various events and demonstrations. There was even an Obey yacht (dingy sized, due to Anonymous not having the budget for a full sized yacht). This one involves Halloween costumes and similar madness.

From the Pastebin:

Join us October 25th for the spookiest fundraiser event and most bloodcurdling fun, all while helping pay off the PayPal 14 restitution.

We do not believe it is appropriate for 14 people to take the fall for something thousands did and many more worldwide have voiced support for. We believe this ransom [the $86,000] is being inflicted on our community as a whole to discourage us individually from standing for what we believe in. It is extortion and the gagging of free expression. If their $86,000 in fines do not get paid, they will face severe consequences–quite possibly even imprisonment.

HOW THIS WORKS: On October 25th we ask Anons across the globe to host a Halloween/El Dia de los Muertos-themed party in which they will collect donations for #PayPal14. Alternatively you can also join us online to raise funds and have fun for the Pay Pal 14.

There are three objectives to the ObeyParties:

1. Raise the ransom money of $86,000 so our fellow anons will not be charged with felonies. Various efforts so far have raised nearly 25% of that amount. Every penny raised does help the 14 with meeting the ransom.

2. Have fun. Since the objective of this legal persecution is to divide and discourage us, we must use the opportunity to come together and laugh at eBay and PayPal.

3. Make PayPal and eBay sorry they started this. How much bad PR can $86,000 buy? During ObeyDay, we ask that everyone remember Pierre Omidyar, the multi-billionaire we are raising $86,000 in penance for and all of his associates. The PayPal 14 must show contrition and not speak against the Omidyar empire as part of their legal conditions, but we are under no such constraint. We encourage fundraising efforts which also publicize this case and laugh at PayPal, eBay, Omidyar and associates.

For those who cannot create a party, we will set up a haunted TinyChat in room ‘ObeyParty’ with a mystery host and one of the Paypal14 defendants. By court order they cannot be in the same room, so we’ll have to alternate between them.
Ghoul Games

Truth or Lulz
Dance Off

  1. What: Massive international irl/webcam/livetweet solidarity party hosted by all of us
  2. When: July 25th, 2014: 24 hours global time <– problem is that July 25 begins at different times in every time zone.
  3. Where: Everywhere IRL | Online: http://tinychat.com/obeyparty
  4. Why: To have fun and fuck with PayPal while raising funds for the #PayPal14 ransom
  5. Who: Anonymous and Ghouls
  6. Hashtags: #ObeyParty666- #OP666-
  7. Website: http://www.gofundme.com/PayPal14 [<— READ AND DONATE]


 We believe in freedom of speech. We support the weak against the powerful. We share this sentence with the PayPal 14. And most of all we like to PARTY HARD. Join us!

The games have already begun on RadioFreeRover, hosted by PornoPuppy, the prominent Anonymous podcaster.

Truth or Lulz: if you’ve ever wanted to ask Anonymous some hard-hitting questions while they’re party-fuzzed and potentially sleep-deprived, here’s your chance. Just don’t be surprised if the answer is…this.

Featured Image Obey Party Rock by Firework-Grenade on DeviantArt

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