1-15 October 2014 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Here’s the official roundup. Can your sysadmin play CyberAttack Bingo with your website? If so, fire him.

October Cyber Attacks

October Cyber Attacks


Here we go with the first timeline of the main Cyber Attacks happened in October (according to my personal evaluation metric).

Two weeks very active from an information security perspective. The list of attacks is quite long and heterogeneous, with massive breaches (The Snappening and a list of nearly 7.000.000 compromised accounts used to brute-force Dropbox), a rich list of cyber crime and cyber espionage campaigns, a renewed burst of the cyber war between India and Pakistan, and a couple of operations orchestrated by hacktivists.

Digging into Cyber Crime, besides the two above quoted events, we find the Mac.BackDoor.iWorm, a widespread botnet targeting OS X, and trapping 17,000 devices. The list continues with a purported attack against Yahoo, initially believed to be orchestrated exploiting the infamous Shellshock vulnerability, the ATM malware Tyupkin, supposed to have been used for stealing millions of bucks from 50 ATMs in Eastern Europe and Russia…

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