Interwebbed: Post-Canadian Thanksgiving Cyber and Crypto News



Did you enjoy your long weekend and turkey poutine, kittens? What do you mean you didn’t have either? WHAT KIND OF GODFORSAKEN BACKWATER DO YOU INHABIT, where they don’t celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with turkey poutine and long weekends and fights over who makes the best creamed onions? I…I grieve for you, I really do.

Here are some news headlines to make it all better:

Hackers were all like, we hacked Dropbox. Dropbox is all like, no you di’int! (Venturebeat)

TELECOMIX has established a secure, anonymous “dropbox” for #OpSyria (CyberGuerrilla)

Meanwhile, the Syrian Electronic Army readies their own version of Linux for release (TheHackerNews)

113-year-old has to lie to get on Facebook, just like her great-great grandchildren (Metro)

Call bank, deposit biometric profile data, wait, what??? (SecurityCurrent)

Nintendo grabs your Wii until you pay up (EFF)

Meet the Russian hosting the Fappening nudes (Techworm)

Meet Edward Snowden, NSA optimist (NationalJournal)

Anonymous vs killer cop (again) in #OpJohnCrawford (CounterCurrentNews)

Is Turkey using the war on ISIS to kill off the Kurds? (NYT)

Let’s get the old Blackwater team back together (IsenbergInstituteofStrategicSatire)

The Bartender who accidentally saved the world (WarOnTheRocks)

The creepy future of lie detection (DefenseOne)

The rise and fall of “Mister Sahara” (FT)

ISIS is coming for your tweets! (DailyMail)

Police drop charges against industrial scale pirate (TorrentFreak)

No, This Probably Isn’t the Woman in Charge of Defending Kobane; But she’s still pretty awesome (WarIsBoring)

Army has a Cyber-HR issue (c4isrnet)

Heistmeisters crack cost of safecrackers with $150 widget (TheRegister)


Featured Image via Washington State Department of Transportation on Flickr

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