Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 7

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

And we’re back! Still slightly feverish, and three pounds lighter, but nothing to worry about, kittens. Let’s not think of it as a lost day of work; let’s think of it as that time I finally broke through the Level 312 ceiling on Candy Crush. That makes it all better, right?

And now, to the links!

This Algorithm Predicts A Neighborhood’s Crime Rate Using Google Street View (FastCo)

China declares cyberwar on Occupy Central protestors (EurasiaReview)

China arrests “hackers” in protest cyberwar (IBT)

Hackers Breached Hong Kong Police, Chinese Government Networks to Support Protesters (EpochTimes)

The Culture vs. the Cultures of Hacking (CultureDigitally)

Government Set Up A Fake Facebook Account In This Woman’s Name, Claims It’s Legal (Buzzfeed)

Stuxnet claims kills? Two dead in Iranian nuclear facility explosion (JerusalemPost)

The Worst Passwords in the World (MyBroadband)

WikiLeaks and the ‘Google-military-surveillance complex’ (LiveMint)

Retailers, meet hackers. Hackers, meet retailers. Now mingle! (Forbes)

The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech (NPR)

Exactly WHY Apple can’t decrypt your iPhone (CryptographyEngineering) Assembles Coders to Create a Bitcoin-Like Stock Market (Wired)

Politicians Cynically Using JP Morgan Hack To Try To Pass Laws To Diminish Your Privacy (Techdirt)


Featured Image Space Invaders by kurtxio on Flickr

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