Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto #News for September 29

What is there left to try when you have tried the door and the window

What is there left to try when you have tried the door and the window?

That’s a damn good question, kitten. My personal suggestion would be to try reading a nice, nutritious link roundup to get the week, if not your ass, in gear.

Dennis Collins aka Owen aka Iowa of the Paypal 14 and the Payback 13 heads to court again…and needs your help to bring his oxygen tank (FreeAnons)

Fascinating: Going up against Goldman Sachs costs investigator her career (ProPublica)

The Khorasan Group is just Washington’s latest bogeyman to justify war (TheIntercept)

Creepy Russian company claims to own the copyright to 97% of everything created by humanity (Torrentfreak)

Cue the “Children are Terrorists” alarm: 8 year old hacker pwns everything in sight (Cyberwarzone)

DON’T PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON!!! No, don’t! nooooooooooo (NSA)

Netflix experiences um “catastrophic data incontinence” and somehow you’re the one who’s in sh– (BoingBoing)

It’s a who’s who reunion as Wall Streeters prepare to take the stand at the AIG trial (FT)

The Yellow Book: a catalog of the disappeared in El Salvador (NationalSecurityArchive)

Hackers hate the planet: hack €7m  in carbon credits (TheRegister)

Bash “Shellshock”: What, me worry??? (HelpNetSecurity)

Freedom of the Press Foundation fundraises Securedrop for 4 media organizations (FoPF)

Bittorrent your new Thom Yorke album (MIT)

Download o’ the Day: Nuclear Matters Handbook (Cryptome PDF)

Julian Assange pulls a Tupac, appearing by hologram on Martha’s Vineyard



Featured image via Beckittns

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