Interwebbed: Top Cyber and Crypto News for September 26

Kitteh's Creed!

Kitteh’s Creed!

Friends! Kittens! Governments! Lend me your ears (and maybe a fifty while you’re at it, just until the Paypal clears the bank)! It’s time for our wrap up links for this long week, time to launch into the weekend. God only knows what lies ahead; the only thing that is certain in this whole crazy, crazy, mixed-up world is that over 90% of you WILL click to watch the below video of kittens playing Assassin’s Creed.

Because Friday, that’s why.

Microsoft Discloses New Data On Government Requests For User Information (TechCrunch)

Wanna work with me at First Look? I’m hiring (Medium which is ironic since he could have just posted it on First Look)

Julian Assange: ‘When you post to Facebook, you’re being a rat’ (Guardian)

but of course there’s this: On the Morally Ambivalent Robin Hood Criminal Archetype in the Early Twenty-First Century OR Julian Assange is a Big, Fat Stainless Steel Rat (raincoaster)

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes (Bloomberg)

FBI blasts Apple, Google for locking police out of phones; in related news, apparently we’re all pedophiles, according to the FBI (WaPo)

Meanwhile, in Russia: Russia Asks Facebook, Google, Twitter to Comply With Law on Data Storage (TheMoscowTimes)

Who is Jihadi John? ISIS Executioner Identified, FBI Chief Says (ABC)

Linkie o’ the Day: (ITIOF)

Ferguson police talking points leaked, PR video released, critiqued (PRNewser)

Every Allegation Leveled In Hedge Fund Manager v. Bahamas Neighbor Feud Is Better Than The Last (Dealbreaker)

The Department of Homeland Security Is Broken; Agency’s not even sure how much money it spends (WarIsBoring)

Eat at a restaurant lately? Pay with a credit card? Break out the Tums, you’re gonna need ’em when you read this (Krebs)

The Time for F.U.D. is Over… Long Live F.U.D… (SecurityCurrent)

Cannon Fodder to Citizen: US Military will allow undocumented immigrants to serve (USAToday)

An Internet where nobody says anything (FP)

The Syrian Front: Waiting to Die in Aleppo (Spiegel)


And now, your kitteh video. H/T Venturebeat

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