Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto #News for September 15



We’re back from our wireless vacay, pirating the wifi in a pirate radio station off the Left Coast. There’s a big, hairy dog on the floor, a discussion of minimum wage on the air, and while there is no picture of Che on the wall, I’m sure at least one person here owns that t-shirt. So our news roundup may be somewhat more patchouli-scented than normal, but it’s cool, man. It’s all cool.


New Fundraiser for Matt DeHart (Fundrazr)

How to spot terror-shoppers (WashingtonTimes)

Julian Assange is appealing (Guardian)

Electronic skin tells you when you have cancer (IEEE)

Best! Vacation! Evar! Staycation? Naycation? Dutch girl fakes entire trip to Asia (GapYear)

Flashback to the 90’s! (DListed)

Maternity dresses, $3 million ransom, the Sinaloa Cartel, and the FBI (FBI)

Android bug eats your privacy (Rapid7)

Smile for the FBI! (TheVerge)

Microsoft claims US law does not apply to Ireland. US protests (SecurityCurrent)

The NSA map of Germany, via Edward Snowden (DerSpiegel)

Did YOU get Finspied? (Techworm)

Private Enterprise gets into the interweb spy business (MIT)

£860m down the drain: government calls it a Great Success (TheRegister)

Tech chiefs really sorry about that privacy thing (FT)

Attorney General Holder intervenes, sides with Iran in defamation case (FP)

Meet the badass women fighting ISIS (FPDispatch)

ISIS loses the Twitter front (DefenseOne)

Jihadis host beheading videos on the Internet Archive (HSToday)

When business gets dirty: The washing machine wars! Sabotage in Germany, revenge in Seoul!  (Reuters)

The last of the big bailout boondoggles still blundering on (WSJ)


Featured Image 2011 is Down to the Wire by Kevin Dooley on Flickr

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