Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Headlines for September 11

Birds on a wire

Birds on a wire


Did you miss us? We did more than our part in the internet slowdown protests of 9/10 by slowing to a complete halt…for twenty hours, while our computer ran a virus scan. Redundancy: not always a bad thing. Must shop for backup computer!

Well, we’re back and we’ve got some headlines for you, so pour yourself a bracing cup of something and settle in for a read.

5 million Gmails leaked (Mashable)

Is My Email Leaked? (IsMyEmailLeaked)

A Hacker Mindset for Success (FT)

It’s Now An Extra Good Idea Not To Insider Trade (Dealbreaker)

The Kurds Won’t Let Their Women Soldiers Anywhere Near the Front Line (WarIsBoring)

DHS Ill-Prepared For Pandemic Response, Inspector General Says (HSToday)

Can a Website Help You Decide to Have a Kid? (MIT)

Phishers resort to AES crypto to obfuscate phishing sites (HelpNetSecurity)

The Collapse of ISIS is Imminent and Unavoidable: Here’s How it Will Happen (RIEAS)

Wall St investor who hoarded designer clothes in a filthy two-bedroom rent-controlled apartment left an $18million fortune… but the papers to access it are buried under all his belongings (DailyMail)

Recipes From the Islamic State’s Laptop of Doom: How to make ricin, Semtex, and banana mousse (FP)

Body upgrades may be nearing reality, but only for the rich (Guardian)

Coinbase Launches Bitcoin Buying and Selling in 13 European Countries (Coindesk)

Satoshi Nakamoto negotiates with his hacker (VICE)

Snowden files show Pentagon conducted DNA tests after bin-Laden’s death (RT)


Featured Image Birds on a Wire by Tal Bright

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  1. Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Headlines for September 11

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