Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber News for Tuesday, September 9

chained up

chained up

It’s Tuesday, people, only Tuesday, but you’ll make it. I mean, it’s not so bad, is it, this week? Last supermoon of the summer, first snows up in Alberta, and your life could be a lot worse: you could be featured in our link roundup!

And now, the news:

Big bad bug in Enigmail encrypted email. Still no shortage of alliteration, tho (Sourceforge)

US Navy seeks to allow cyber major to cyber Majors (WRAL)

Kyle and Stan plaster YouTube, Amazon, and Yahoo with malware (PCMag)

Anarcho-capitalist Libertarian Oath Keepers have funds “liberated” by one of their own (ForwardProgressives)

ISIS seriuosly butthurt at Twitter account takedowns, takes out contracts on Twitter staffers (Vocativ)

One fish, two fish, red fish, new phishing attack discovered (Aza Raskin)

The Fappy Bird bait for stolen porn pix (HOTforSecurity, not at all ironically named, nope)

Did the FBI lie about how they found the Silk Road CEO? THE FBI??? LIE??? TO US??? What are the odds? (NikCub)

Shutting down the NSA is hard! Especially when they’re still sifting through all our calls (ArsTechnica)

Why investors ignore war, terror and terrorism. Oh, I dunno. Is it the money? (FT)

The M76 Machine-Gunned Vampires (WarIsBoring)

SAC Insider Trading specialist gets 9 years (but keeps $275 million) (Dealbreaker)

Facebook’s security solution is a dinosaur. No, an actual dinosaur. (TheVerge)

Ceding control of Twitter to ISIS, Mainstream Journalism takes to Facebook: CBS News Foreign Correspondent Clarissa Ward Hosts Facebook Chat About ISIS (LostRemote)

Good Bitcion after bad: OKpay ordered to hand over customers’ millions to MtGox (Coindesk)


Featured Image Don’t Chain Me Down by Wendell on Flickr

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