Quiz: What Kind of CryptoCurrency Coverage Do You Like?

money queen

money queen: what makes YOU happy?

Well, kittens, you may have noticed some changes Chez Cryptosphere; for the last two weeks we’ve suspended our Crypto Currently coverage, a daily roundup of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Altcoin prices. We have, for this, received not one single complaint. This has us wondering.

Cryptocurrencies are definitely one of the emerging frontiers of digital-enabled privacy protection. The late 20th Century tracking and surveillance through credit and debit and digital loyalty cards was a new phenomenon in the history of money, an anomaly. Now we have at least the theoretical potential to go back to that Utopia where it’s none of the government’s goddam business whether I spend my paycheque on books, gin, copies of McSweeney’s and Lapham’s Quarterly, coordinated separates, or all of the above (confesssion: I do). It seems essential not to turn our backs on this fascinating corner of the Cryptosphere, yet with a single regular contributor to the news site as of yet it’s difficult to cover it adequately while keeping up with everything else that is going on.

Naturally, should a patron wish to step forward and enable the hiring of other journalists, we would be very unlikely to say no. We even have a journo shopping/wish list on hand at all times. We (the royal “we” of course) would even take Rupert Murdoch’s money; we’re not proud. As McDonald’s says, “It’s all parts!” and we need parts to make your Cryptosausage every day. But in the event that a modern Borgia does not come forward and shower us with dosh till we blush and pretend to weakly fight him off, we need to ask you a few questions. Comments welcome below the post as well. You can tick as many boxes as apply, because we’re inclusive like that.

We promise they don’t include “can you loan us a fifty?” Yet.


Featured Image Money Queen by Doug Wheller on Flickr

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  1. Well, that’s pretty persuasive. We’ll do some How-To’s for you and maybe some interviews with some of the main figures, but drop the daily price roundup and maybe just link in some prices when they’re particularly newsy.


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