Unknownsec Doxes Stormfront Capo, Attacks Site in #OpWBKKK

Unknownsec's new look

Unknownsec’s new look

True to its promise of last week, the hacker crew known as Unknownsec has gone after allies of the KKK, taking the White Supremacist site Stormfront offline with a massive botnet attack Friday night and doxing the heck out of its leader, Don Black.

“Unknownsec does not like to condom [sic] violence but in this case you had chances to not be in the KKK and you choose to write racial things about different religions and cultures, saying rude remarks and such.”

Indeed. And for that they doxed Stephen Donald Black, known as Don, down to the very toenails. “It took about 2 hours to make that pastebin” Unvealings told us via Facebook.

The Pastebin exposing his name, date of birth, Social Security Number, websites, email address, email password, phone number, and immediate family has been taken down, but, expecting this, Unknownsec has mirrored the information on two alternate platforms, where the information is still available, as well as in the video.

They gained root access to his phone (“god mode” for those of you who are gamers; complete control, for those of you who are not). “Dumb ass,” they taunted,  “Took this straight off your own forum website. Why don’t you update your forums security l0l?” That’s gotta hurt. They of course posted all of his phone account info, including the total of his last payment ($164 that very day. People, we’ve GOT to do something about cellular rates in the US!). They got his first pet’s name. They got the fact that he replied “Oklahoma” to a question asking for the name of a town or city. They reset his password so he’ll have to read his own dox to get control of his phone back.

Then they went after his site.

The paste included FTP and CPanel details, everything anyone would need to remove the site or turn it into a My Little Pony fansite or whatever they wanted. And this is what Unknownsec did with it:

Here is an Unknownsec-supplied screenshot of their attack on Stormfront.

Unknownsec Attack on Stormfront

Unknownsec Attack on Stormfront

The green “meteors” converging on Stormfront’s web host represent what is called an ssh or “brute force” attack, designed to hammer a website with every possible password/username combo in hopes of both getting lucky with the combination and flooding the site with traffic so it goes offline. I can confirm that the site was offline for me Friday night when I spoke to Unvealings, a member of Unknownsec; it is now back online. The fact that the green streaks do not come from any specific source indicates that the Norse IPViking tracker, one of the most consulted in the world, cannot isolate even the country from which the attacks originate. It can only see its destination. This result was confirmed by a quick check of the Digital Attack Map.

The attack’s effect was minimized, however, by the fact that Stormfront.org simply 301 redirects to the highly popular forum and hasn’t itself been used in at least a year. Regular forum goers would probably have the forum URL bookmarked, and so would not have noticed any interruption, while anyone trying to go to just plain Stormfront.org would have gotten stuck in limbo until the attack was over.

In the video, they also threatened to lurk and then release all the usernames, passwords, and IP addresses of the users of Stormfront.

For fans of dubstep and 90’s hacker visuals, Unknownsec now has a website. Plug your headphones in, put your fingers in your ears, or mute the computer first according to your tastes, and don’t say we never did nuthin for ya. They aren’t short of would-be followers and participants. Unvealings told us, “I’m getting spammed by a bunch of fellow anon hacktivist wanting to join me in this #Op and i’m sure it will get more attention once we start leaking, deface, ddos’ing websites.”

In the video they declare, “We are also going to dox Thomas Robb, Nation[al] Director of the Knights KKK, and Rachel Penedergraft.” Elle magazine called Pendergraft “the most powerful female in the KKK.”

“Everyone spam this twitter account she owns many KKK websites and endorses racism,” Unknownsec asked its followers on Facebook.

We figure a Grand Dragon can probably withstand some troll spam on Twitter, but if there’s one thing we know about Unknownsec, it’s that they can be very effective adversaries when they choose to be. This is likely to be a difficult week for the Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, and their supporters and allies.


Featured Image via Unknownsec on Facebook

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