Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Headlines for Monday, September 8

Interwebbed at Sunset

Interwebbed at Sunset

Happy Monday! Time to crawl back into the web and start climbing for the top as if your retirement savings depended on it, which — ha ha ha! — psych! Nobody currently living will ever be able to retire! But you knew that!

In any case, here is a mega-roundup of your cyber and crypto news links for Monday, so you can be just that much more prepared for whatever the immediate future has in store. Like, say, you probably can’t mitigate a Chinese cyber-attack, but at least you can convincingly tell your co-workers, as you huddle underneath your desks from the shower of sparks coming from each monitor, “I told you so. Because I read The Cryptosphere.”

So, that’s something.

#OpKillingBay: what’s it about? (AnonHQ)

Snowden ‘to get Swiss asylum if he testifies on NSA’ (RT)

China Launches MitM Attack on Google Users (Techworm)

From the Department of Are You Fucking Kidding Me: St Louis police offer to fingerprint all the children in #Ferguson (BoingBoing)

Lessons From A Lifetime Of Being A Programmer (TheCodist)

Drew Carey offers $10,000 reward to dox evil pranksters (Gawker)

Deputy L.A. city attorney arrested on multiple child porn charges (LATimes)

An Australian researcher has worked out how to store 1000TB on a CD (ScienceAlert)

Pornhub, Redtube and Youporn join net neutrality protest in the ‘battle for the internet’ (TheIndependent)

The Beauty of Code (ParisReview)

Denmark introduces rehab for Syrian fighters (AlJazeera)

4chan hackers build a Skype not controlled by Microsoft (Wired)

EXCLUSIVE: German Companies Are Selling Unlicensed Surveillance Technologies to Human Rights Violators – and Making Millions (GlobalVoicesOnline)

AnonGhost takes out Israeli sites in #OpIsraelReborn (Facebook)

The American Correctional Association Ushered Me Out of Its Convention With Armed Guards (MotherJones)

Click Like You Give a Damn: The Politics of Linkbait and How Feeding on Buzz Ensures a Malnourished Soul (Brainpickings)

Cyberwarfare ethics, or how Facebook could accidentally make its engineers into targets (IEET)

Long Before Nuclear Power, There Was Turtle Power (NavyLive)

How Not to Attack Islamic State (WarIsBoring)

What could possibly go wrong? Banks could provide ID assurance for Gov.UK – report (TheRegister)

Datacoup Wants to Buy Your Credit Card and Facebook Data (MIT)


Featured image by avira_a on Flickr

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