Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Monday, Dec 15

the DEFENDER OF FREEDOM waterboarding that damn elf who totally had it coming

the DEFENDER OF FREEDOM waterboarding that damn elf who totally had it coming

Hello again, kittens! Did you miss me while I was on my gloriously luxurious, if fever-ridden, hiatus? Well, I still have the fever but I don’t have the time off anymore, so here we are. Naturally, when I came across this photo of a Protector of Our Freedoms freedoming all over that wretched elf, I had to have it.

Well, this might be rather loopy as I am still feverish, but for what it’s worth, here is a news roundup for today and a half. We will get caught up together.

Cops protect innocent public from anti-cop speech (FortressAmerica)

Similar “protection” costs Marietta cops $100,000 (Fox)

Pirate Bay Is Taken Down, Blockchain Could Be Next Target (CoinTelegraph)

Murder by Cunnilingus. Yes, you read that right (Slate)

WordPress under Attack, 100,000+ WP Websites compromised by SoakSoak Malware (TechWorm)

Are you a special and unique snowflake? Click to find out (AmIUnique)

Sentencing Looms for Barrett Brown, Advocate for “Anonymous” (DailyBeast)

This app aims to protect sex trade workers (Vice)

The end of Occupy Hong Kong (Guardian)

Canuckistan hacked, bullied, apologizes! (CBC)

Chelsea Manning’s family says she was tortured (WalesOnline)

The hierarchy of US Government information control (SecurityWeek)

Project Maelstrom aims to create a perfect peer-to-peer network (PCWorld)

Hackers may have caused explosion on Turkish pipeline (Slate)

The shadowy forces controlling online conversation (DigitalNewsAsia)

What’s YOUR threat level? (Reuters)

Conspiracy theory o’ the day: The Beatles Never Existed (TheBeatlesNeverExisted)

Losing homelessness in an Excel spreadsheet (Jacobin)

Iran pulls an Ocean’s 14 (BusinessWeek)


Featured Image by Joseph Hopkins on Facebook

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