Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber Headlines for Thursday, August 28

stair wire by tanakawho

stair wire by tanakawho

Thursday’s child has, apparently, far to go. But we have only about 36 little hours to go until the weekend, so grab these attractively-arrayed stair wires and hang in there. We’ve got your news headlines to make the time pass a little easier.

Remember, if you open this in a new window you can Alt Tab back to your work window when the boss walks by and look like you’re actually working. Furrow your brow if you can; if you look like you’re not enjoying yourself, they always think you’re working, trust me.

To make things more plausible, we are presenting the links in the form of interdepartmental memos. You’re welcome.

From the Department of It’s About Time! Disgruntled (now bankrupt) client sues consultant for $1 billion re: advice that drove it over the cliff (Reuters)

From the Department of No Fucks Left to Give: Investor Relations Exec Charged With Insider Trading Opts For Business Extremely Casual At Court Appearance  (Dealbreaker)

From the Department of Any Bandwagon Will Do: Bitcoin Malware Attack Exploits Russia-Ukraine Crisis (Coindesk)

From the Department of International Relations: US probes wave of cyber attacks on banks (FT)

From the Department of Bad Editorial Decisions: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula releases list of US targets in glossy magazine article (HSToday)

From the Department of “Interior, this is your fault; no, it’s yours, Border Security”: Intel believes 300 Americans fighting with Islamic State, posing threat to U.S. (WashingtonTimes)

From the Department of This Is Why You Hire Lifers, Not Temps: Intelligence Gap: How a Chinese National Gained Access to Arizona’s Terror Center (ProPublica)

From the Department of Well, DUH: It’s Jihad, Stupid (ACDemocracy)

From the Department of Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Poverty eradicated at a statistical stroke (FT)

From the Department of Is That An LRAD In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me: Police With Non-Lethal Weapons Can Be Militarized, Too (WarIsBoring)

From the Department of Ikea Better Raise Its Game: Furniture shopping with augmented reality (MIT)



Featured Image stair wire by tanakawho on Flickr

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