Download of the Day: Circumventing Censorship by FLOSS Manuals



“The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”
John Gilmore

You’ll want this even if you never use it (and if you never use it, you’re a fool).

FLOSS Manuals is a multilingual site for the dissemination and improvement of manuals about free and open source software. The manuals are free to read online or download, and if you’re old-school there are also books for sale. Like, actual books. Made of paper.

Reading about open source software on an actual physical book you ordered from a site where you could have read it online for free: you’re such a rebel!

The titles on offer include collections from the Crypto Party (no connection to Andrew WK that we can detect), how-tos on popular software like WordPress, Audacity, and others, as well as some generalized overviews like “A Guide to Open Source Video Editing.” You could spend the whole day on there, if you didn’t have a crypto and cyber news site to spam all over Facebook…

Where was I? Oh, right. About to link you to the PDF for the How To Bypass Internet Censorship Guide. It’s also available as an EPUB or interactive online version if you like that sort of thing. The online version has the navigation advantages that HTML page jumps can provide, of course. Also, prettier.


Image via Isaac Mao on Flickr

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