Interwebbed: Top Cyber and Crypto Stories for Your Monday



A mega-roundup from a mega-weekend! Black Hat is over, long live Defcon (at least till Monday, that is), and we’ll always have the hangovers to remember them by. Here’s a particularly-juicy roundup of stories; some long reads, some short, and all of them guaranteed absorbing. I aughtta know, I spent far too long on my days off reading them all!


The ISIS Online Campaign Luring Western Girls to Jihad (DailyBeast)

Bitcoin Mining for Beginners Part I – Cloud Mining (CryptocoinsNews)

TSA Inspector Arrested in Craigslist Underage Sex Sting (Gawker)

Warcatting: Man uses his cat to map which neighbors have Wi-Fi networks he can easily hack (TheVerge)

Blackphone ‘secure’ phone lasts a mere 5 minutes at Defcon (Crackberry)

U.S. Military Hackers Humiliated by Civilian Hackers in Cyber War Games (Hackread)

How To Get Your Facebook Status To The Top Of All Your Friends’ News Feeds (BusinessInsider)

DDoS and Geopolitics – Attack analysis in the context of the Israeli-Hamas conflict (ArbourNetworks)

How to make cyber scams go pop (BBC)

Why We Need All The Altcoins We Can Get (Coindesk)

Drone Selfies (Photomeditations Machine)

Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges Physicians Who Have Proof of A Drug Company Promoting Off-Label Drug Sales in Any State to Call Them About Whistleblower Rewards (DigitalJournal)

Some idiot’s been using my e-mail address for years (ArsTechnica)


Featured image via Ross Pollack on Flickr

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