Crypto Currently: Going Prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Anoncoin

Anonymous Four

Anonymous Four


Well, that’s a fine piece of street art if we do say so ourselves. Not that we painted it, but when the Revolution comes we’ll happily saw it out of that bourgeois brick with an air chisel and cart it off to form part of the collective kitchen in the ecovillage. But where were we…

Oh, right, money. Or rather, Cryptocurrency, which is money according to some folks, a commodity according to certain governments, and an abomination according to anybody who sold when Bitcoin went down to $580 and is now pawning the Xbox to buy ramen noodles.

Today’s featured cryptocurrency is Anoncoin, which you sort of knew had to exist out there but unless it was being used to DDoS a fountain or something, would be easy to ignore.

Bitcoin: $602.00000001 and jeeeeez, could you get more hair-splitty than that?

Litecoin: $7.50000000 at last some stability

Dogecoin: $0.00018933

Anoncoin: $0.5113026800084934


Featured image via glasseyes view on Flickr

All prices via Cryptsy as of 4pm Vancouver time.


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