Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber Headlines from Around the World

tied up

tied up

It’s a holiday up here in Best Province of Glorious Republic of Canuckistan, so today we’re stocking up on our Vitamin D at the beach. Not to worry: we’d never leave you without reading material. Here is today’s top stories roundup, and coming later today an article by AnonyOdinn on how to wean yourself off the Big Banks. And now, to the stories!

Gameover Zeus botnet proves immortal (Softpedia)

Huge DDoS attack in Australia (TheWhir)

Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza (WikiLeaks)

The post-whistle-blowing career (WaPo)

New York Times, Toronto Sun protest the gagging of Omar Khadr (NYT)

How not to fall for Facebook iPhone 6 scams (Sophos)

The Computer Virus Catalog (BusinessInsider)

‘I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space’ (TheRegister)

Money Laundering for Gentlemen (Krebs)

Why Japan has flipped for cat-themed Monacoin (Coindesk)

China Construction Bank suspends all ATM activity, online and mobile banking (Zerohedge)

Google is reading your mail. In related news, you’d better not email child porn (BusinessInsider)


Featured image via Kenneth J. Gill on Flickr

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