Crypto Currently: Cryptocurrency prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and RonPaulCoin

Catching light in a web by Evan Leeson on Flickr

Catching light in a web by Evan Leeson on Flickr

Happy Monday, y’all! Time to check the current prices for some of the web’s top, and one of the web’s outlier, cryptocurrencies. Brace your wallets, the weekend market sucked donkeys!

Bitcoin: The closer we get to resolving the MtGox situation, the farther BTC falls. $580.00000001USD, down from $593 on Friday and $612.05 the day before that. Honestly, people, is the fact Ecuador banned Bitcoin really THAT bad?

Litecoin: Falling even farther, proportionately, is poor little Litecoin, the overlooked middle child. $7.60100008 down from $7.72 Friday and $8.25 on Thursday.

Dogecoin: 0.00000037BTC or $0.0002146USD and the standout of the bunch, losing an order of magnitude less value than its big brothers.

RonPaulCoin: If nothing else, this will make you feel better about your OTHER cryptocurrency investments. Launched in May, currently trading at 0.00010115 BTC or $0.058667, having once hoped to trade at half the value of Bitcoin. Still, we shouldn’t be mean. Nobody would quote us a price on Pat Robertson Coin.


Featured image by our old friend Evan Leeson on Flickr.

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