Crypto Currently: Prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Reddcoin

Alien Doge

Alien Doge

Who knew Dogecoin had an arch-rival? Well, it does. Dogecoin’s success is due in significant if not whole part to its adoption by journalist-homework-doing-machine Reddit, but now Reddit itself is getting in on the action.

So it comes to this.

Bitcoin: $584.00000000 in significant volatility. Eugh. Glad I bought magic beans instead. Still, up a titch from yesterday.

Litecoin: $7.45000360 and also up moderately, just so it didn’t feel left out.

Dogecoin: $0.00020828 and the only one of the three to be down. Not staggeringly down at that.

Reddcoin: $0.00021999  ahead of some technical work tonight on the Reddcoin systems, and also ahead of Dogecoin. Innneresting.


Featured image via Noodlytime

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  1. As someone on Facebook pointed out, “How hard can it be to beat Dogecoin.” She needs to talk to my investment manager.


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