Interwebbed: Top Cyber and Crypto Headlines

Here’s today’s roundup of all the top cyberwar, cryptocurrency, and hacker news. In case you’re curious, Anonymous is still going with OpSaveGaza, but that’s pretty much the default lately so we’ll give off with the links to their actions until something exceptional happens.

Edward Snowden’s HOPE X talk: a call to action for hackers worldwide (re/code)

The real reason banks don’t like Bitcoin; you might be surprised! (Coindesk)

Silver Spaniel, the new Nigerian email scam (NYT)

Ukrainian cyberwar plays out on Wikipedia (Gawker)

Hackers invent anti-hacking device for your car (Reuters) and the Wall Street Journal hacked: w0rm crew offers databases for sale (SCMagazine)

Attorney/client confidentiality routinely breeched by prison officials, prosecutors (NYT)

GazaLeaks (WikiLeaks)

1700 child porn investigations fumbled or ignored by Pentagon (BlackBag/Gawker)

Oligrapher: Mapping the Powers that Be (LittleSis)

bitFlyer exchange raises $1.6 million (Coindesk)


Typo or conspiracy?

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