Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber headlines for July 21

It was a lively weekend, kittens, with the Hackers On Planet Earth conference at the forefront of the noisemaking, followed closely by continuing Anonymous attacks against Israel and a surprise pwnage in Kenya. And so to the headlines:

Something you didn’t know about the late James Garner (Facebook)

Anonymous 2, Kenya Defence Forces 0 (AllAfrica)

Startup Guy: the fashion collection (Valleywag)

For real startup guys, a stylist who truly gets you. To tuck your damn shirt in (Shirterate)

It’s time to destroy the myth of corporate personhood (io9)

Best of HOPE-X: Steve Rambam on the death of Anonymity (HOPE X)

So…what IS the blockchain, exactly? (Cointelegraph)

Zombie Zero: the coolest-named malware you’ve never heard of (eWeek)

Anonymous source (the White House) criticizes news orgs for using anonymous sources (Buzzfeed) Yes, I linked to Buzzfeed. I feel unclean.

Goodwill has Badsecurity (Krebs)

A programmable, secure, encrypted contract program debuts (Coindesk)

Blackhat hacker conference coming to Vegas August 2-7 (Blackhat)


Featured image via D. Julien on Flickr

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