Privacy is Dead: Get Over It with Steve Rambam

This is a playlist (sorry, it’s the best we could find) of private investigator Steve Rambam‘s classic talk Privacy is Dead. The talk has depressed and inspired and startled security experts for years, and once again Rambam’s (newly updated) talk is quite clearly is THE talk of HOPE X. We thought we’d bring you both versions, so you can look back on the blithe innocence of 2008 with smugness and a sense of impending doom.


You can replay the Livestream of his most recent HOPE X appearance, updated and retitled, on the Livestream website:

You’ve Lost Privacy, Now They’re Taking Anonymity (aka Whistleblowing is Dead – Get Over It)

Featured image of Steven Rambam by Steve Cash on Flickr

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  1. „Privacy is dead – get over it“ –

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