Interwebbed: Top Headlines from Around the Web

It’s that time, kittens. Time for our daily roundup of top headlines from around the web. Gather ’round the glowing screen while I whisper to you the nefarious goings-on all around you this very moment. You may wish to don pearls, for the clutching, or a tinfoil chapeau, just on general principles. Ready? Let’s begin.

Julian Assange just can’t catch a fuckin’ break (AP)

Twitter’s Two-Step Authentication reveals your cellphone number to hackers (WSJ)

Russian hacker crew w0rm offer the hacked CNET databases for sale. Price: One BitCoin (Coindesk)

HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) Conference coming July 18 announces Edward Snowden as keynote speaker (HOPE-x)

AnonGh0st hacks Israel’s Galilee Development Authority for #OpSaveGaza (Hackread)

In related news, Bangladeshi Anonymous announces #OpIsraelReloaded for July 18 (YouTube)

Weird Al sings and dances in a tinfoil hat and explains the Illuminati and how to keep your sandwich nice and fresh (Drinkscoaster)

The Ultimate Anon guide to online security (Cyberguerilla)

Cold War 2.0? Russia moves back to Cuba to keep an eye on the US (RT)

The mysterious mixtape mailed to the NSA, and why they can’t crack it (Medium)

Mexican Safety Facebook page that warns people of dangerous local events ordered to undergo 30-day shutdown for “showing people with weapons” (RevolutionNews)


Featured image “Cable Chaos” by Marcell Dietl on Flickr

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