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Why, don't you KNOW who I am?

  • Introducing the Cryptosphere on AnonRadioUK

    Anon Fedbook Avatar

    We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer! A week ago, founding editor Lorraine Murphy, who has begun to refer to herself in the third person and sometimes even the third person plural, went on AnonUKRadio to talk about the… Read More ›

  • Who we are

    The Cryptosphere sees all. It hopes it covers the most important stuff

    It’s simple. Short and sweet cyber and crypto news for the whole family! The Cryptosphere aims to put into plain English the crazy, crazy, mixed-up world of hackers, hacktivism, cyberwar, cryptocurrency, leakers, spies, viruses, trojans, worms, and John McAfee, who… Read More ›

  • The First Post

    the interwebs

    Here’s your meaningless placeholder post, featuring reams of Lorem Gibson. Lorem Gibson. Placeholder text generator in the style of William Gibson, inventor of Cyberpunk. You’re welcome. Lorem Gibson voodoo god boy city military-grade cyber- digital math- hacker network skyscraper futurity. kanji… Read More ›