Interwebbed: Link Roundup July 14

A selection of the hottest crypto and cyber news from around the web. If it’s unclear why we included an item, hover over the link and read the alt text:

Chelsea Manning’s YouTube playlist (YouTube)

Password managers not managing so well all of a sudden (ArsTechnica)

Inside Dark Wallet. Outside the law (Wired)

Google confirms stunningly simple way strangers can read what’s on your Google Drive (AnonHQ)

Snazzy Cryptospecs protect you from facial recognition software (Blackbag.Gawker)

Civil Servants soon to be an endangered species? Thanks, Snowden! (Washington Post)

The very rich are not like you and I. They pay a fortune for a crumby Craigslist knockoff (Gizmodo)

Radio: Dr. Gabriella Coleman speaks to Anonymous Digital July 15 (Cyberguerrilla)

Adrian Lamo has an online fundraiser (GoFundMe)

I spy with my little eye…on GERMANY? (New York Times)

Norwegian government edits the hell out of Wikipedia on taxpayer-funded time  (Jaribakken)

First Sarah Harrison. Now Edward Snowden? Will Berlin invite Julian Assange and collect the whole set? (Al Jazeera)

The CIA gets an intelligence upgrade from (Defense One)

How the Silk Road case affects your personal freedoms (YouTube)

Meet Aaron Swartz: watch documentary The Internet’s Own Boy free online (Open Culture)

The Navy is 3D printing its future (Navy Times)

Save the VA whistleblowers! (The Hill)

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Image: Cables by on Flickr

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