48 Hours, $5,000 to Go!

Almost there! Pretty damn exciting if you ask me!

The Pursuance Project

It works

 $43,364 pledged of $48,000 Kickstarter goal

How Far We’ve Come

*So* *much* *rad* *shit* has happened in the past month.

Since beginning the Kickstarter, the word about Pursuance has really spread. We’ve been retweeted thousands of times and mentioned by Freedom of the Press Foundation; new volunteers have come aboard after learning about us through the Kickstarter campaign; Barrett has been interviewed on Media RootsHackersploit, and Off the Hook.

The campaign has also served as an opportunity to spend quality time with people we like. We recorded videos with whistleblowers Thomas Drake and Lisa Ling, which you can view on our Youtube page. We also sat down with friends like Pirate Party founder Birgitta Jónsdóttir and Courage Foundation Director Naomi Colvin on our Kickstarter Live stream (watch replays here!).

The crown jewel of the whole endeavor, though, may be the elevation of the theatrical art exemplified by the performance…

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