Who Is #Anonymous? A Viceland Video Report

Anonymous by Enrique Dans

Anonymous by Enrique Dans

This 22-minute video from Ben Makuch and the team at Viceland delves into the origin of Anonymous and their evolution from an amoral lulz-based prank collective to a “moralfagging,” weaponized activist hive. Featuring interviews with former LulzSec members Mustafa Al-Bassam aka tflow and Darren Martyn aka Pwnsauce, Professor Gabriella Coleman of McGill University (Cryptosphere contributor!) , and others whom you may or may not recognize. The CYBERWAR video series is definitely worth a watch, and they’re all going to be posted on YouTube as they’re produced. And you may see some more Cryptosphere contributors, if you keep your eyes open!

Here’s the trailer for the whole series:

Categories: Activism, Anonymous, Cyber, Cyberwar, FBI, Hackers, Hacktivism, Media, News, Politics, Protests, Security, Television

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