Crypto-Affirmations (or Crypto-Negations) for a Very Monday Monday

if you know what we mean. Today’s Crypto-Affirmations or rather their Debbie Downer equivalent, come to us from our old friend, Professor Gabriella Coleman of McGill University in Montreal.

This one has just the right mix of adorable and soul-chilling, like a marketing meeting between, say, a large movie studio and the Pentagon. We are reminded of the time, back in the ’80’s, when a friend of ours told us, “If you need Pixar, you don’t find them. They find you!” Not that we drew any conclusions from that…oh, perish the thought.

And the second, well, it’s precious, really. We should compile a list of places The Cryptosphere is banned: BC Ferries (until we complained) and Canadian carbohydrate and caffeine institution Tim Hortons, for two. You’re nobody till somebody hates you.

But then, we’ve never been short on haters.

Haters Gonna Hate...Anonymous! via Trollonymous on Blogspot

Haters Gonna Hate…Anonymous! via Trollonymous on Blogspot

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