Hacking Homelessness at Business Rocks

A press release for Hacking Homelessness, a 48-hour competitive hackathon next weekend in Manchester, UK. Full disclosure: I wrote and got paid for this press release. And Cryptosphere contributor Joe Fionda is going to be one of the judges!

hacktivist culture

What do you get when you combine a hundred hackers with a bunch of business billionaires? Just maybe a solution for global homelessness!

Manchester, UK, April 15, 2016:  At 9am on April 21, the Business Rocks conference in Manchester will welcome the 48-hour Hackathon for Homelessness, bringing together hackers from around the globe, billionaire business leaders, and international activists to collaborate on producing a technological solution for the growing problem of global homelessness.

        They say that a nation should be judged by how they treat their most vulnerable and if trends in criminalization of the impoverished and homeless is any indication, the US & UK are absolutely losing this battle,” says US activist and actor Joe Fionda, one of the Hackathon panelists.The objective to the hackathon is to develop a universal human rights framework. We have government systems that have…

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  1. And got paid! Good going!


  2. I also have to avoid referring to Anonymous as “us” in interviews where I’m telling people it’d be ethically wrong for me to participate in operations while covering them as a journalist.


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