Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 23

Robot Christmas by Andrew Miller on Flickr

Robot Christmas by Andrew Miller on Flickr

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, kittens! We know you’re in a rush as we lead up to the Slowest Week on the Internet (which we will be taking off for a much-needed vacay!) between Christmas and Whenever The New Years’ Hangover Wears Off, so we’ll cut to the chase and give you the links ASAP!

Braced? Caffeinated? Very well, let’s begin…

Season’s Greetings From The FAA. It’s Time To Register Your Drone (Buzzfeed)

Five years confined: New Foia documents shed light on the Julian Assange case (L’Espresso)

The Undercover Impregnator Cop resigns from his university position (TheSaint)

How ‘picking quarrels’ became Beijing’s go-to weapon in anti-dissident lawfare (HongKongFreePress)

The Ginger Terrorist Case (Telegraph)

Sex, lies and arsenic: how the ‘king of poisons’ lost its crown (Guardian)

You’re a Criminal in a Mass Surveillance World – How to Not Get Caught (Liberty)

The most disturbing tech story of 2015 that no one is talking about (NetworkWorld)


The Big Read: What next for Kim Dotcom? (NZHerald) WARNING: autoplay video. People??? In the words of Justin Trudeau, “It’s 2015!”

Download o’ the Day: The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work (UCDavis)

1 in 4 people will be hit by a data breach by 2020 – what are you doing to secure yourself? (NakedSecurity)

Santa turned Fed: DARPA’s Project HOHOHO (Darpa)

Robot holiday videos (IEEE)

Over 3,000 Inmates Were Accidentally Released From Prison Due To A Computer Error (ThinkProgress)

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