Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 15

I Don't Care Scully aka GPOY, me erryday via Micah David Naziri on Facebook

I Don’t Care Scully aka GPOY, me erryday via Micah David Naziri on Facebook

So there was the time a bunch of you really, really hated a simple post about Anonymous inspiring tee shirts and a donation to charity. And there was me, right there in that GIF, responding. But we’re getting a couple of impassioned editorials out of it, one pro and one anti, so it’s clear that it’s high time we had the discussion about whether Anonymous identifiers like tees, masks, patches, and stickers are a terrible, terrible idea or a really great one. While our guest is writing up his op/ed, we at Cryptosphere Global HQ would like to encourage you to take this waiting time to buy something nice for yourself or a loved one from the FreeAnons or WikiLeaks store.

And now, the news!

NBER Report: Blockchain Could Shift Balance of Corporate Power (CoinDesk)

Geekgasm: watch 11-year-old Justin Trudeau review Return of the Jedi (CBC)

Two TANGODOWNS as Anonymous takes aim in SaveShawniganWater (OperationGreenRights)

Tor Hires Top Privacy Advocate Shari Steele As New Executive Director (HackRead)

DEA forced to purge its records and stop tapping American phonecalls (EFF)

Oh NOES! Amazon pulls nearly all ‘hoverboards’ from site (KDVR)

A Muslim American Veteran Was Widely Smeared With a Fabricated Story About ISIS Charges (TheIntercept)

Learn How Elliot from Mr. Robot Hacked into His Therapist’s New Boyfriend’s Email & Bank Accounts (Using Metasploit) (KasperSec)

Saudi voters elect 20 women in municipal elections that allowed female voters and candidates for the first time (AP via TheProvince)

Conspiracy Theory o’ the Day: Celebrity Relationship Conspiracy (XOJane)

All about military dating scams (TacticalGear)

OpSafeWinter, the Anonymous operation to help the homeless (TheHushReport)

Cybersecurity Researchers Are Hunted from All Sides (Motherboard)

SAS sniper in Iraq kills five ISIS jihadis with just THREE bullets (DailyMail)

NASA is looking for a few good astronaut applicants (USAJobs)

Internet dialogue explained in one cartoon: the Voight Kampff Empathy Test (NBMOnline)

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