Christopher Dorner: The New Guy

Something I wrote a long time ago about the meaning of the Anonymous mask, the iconography of tragic loserdom, Guy Fawkes, and renegade LAPD officer and murderer Christophere Dorner.


Dapper Fawkes Dapper Fawkes

Hero. Revolutionary. Soldier. Assassin. Loser.

Guy Fawkes? Or Christopher Jordan Dorner?

#Dorner killed two civilians. But the State is making it about much more than that. This is a message about social control. #wakeup”

Mainstream media and the general public reacted with understandable consternation to the news that Anonymous, or at least parts of the famously fractious internet hive mind, adopted accused spree killer the now-late Christopher Dorner as a new icon, a rallying point if not a hero. Dorner, a former University football star, LAPD officer and Navy pilot, was on the run from the police and accused of killing three people when he died of a single, allegedly self-administered gunshot as police burned the cabin in which he was hiding to the ground. A million-dollar bounty had been put on his head, and in a contentious move the government authorized the use of drones…

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3 replies

  1. Great read, as always, my friend. Shared!

    Thanks also for the reminder of Anonymous support of Dorner. Truthfully I had forgotten all about it…


    • I’m STILL fascinated by the Dorner case and the way Anonymous adopted him. It completely surprised me, and I thought I knew them. Lots to learn and the roots of that group psychology go very deep.

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      • That’s an interesting perspective you have their on the Anonymous and Dorner relationship. Aside from Occupy Wall Street in LA wasn’t Anonymous someone else that he reached out to in the quest for justice????


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