Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 27

Banksy gas mask via Banksy on Facebook

Banksy gas mask via Banksy on Facebook

It’s always a Happy Tuesday, kittens, when we’ve got a new Banksy to share!

As for the rest of the day’s breaking news, well, as always some of it is more leaning towards a net and overall state of positivity, and, uh, some comes from the White House and FBI so…

Using Facebook for Investigations (GlobalInvestigativeJournalismConference) Little Sister, as opposed to Big Brother investigations

Nasdaq to Unveil Blockchain-Based Platform (CoinDesk) Nasdaq may actually become relevant again, particularly after a dim-witted Fox anchor goes on a rant against it, thinking it’s a Muslim clothing exchange.

How To Block Stringray Devices (OaklandMofo) Gotta love the ones that are all perfectly legal. For now.

Crowdsourcing Accountability: the TrudeauMetre (TrudeauMetre) We should have one of these for every elected official.

Found: A Comet Stocked With Booze (AtlastObscura) How much do I tip the delivery guy?

Emails From Luna Lovegood (TheToast) You have a Luna in your circles, admit it.Then again, you read THIS site. Maybe YOU are the Luna?

EXCLUSIVE: Cyber hackers are GREATER threat to UK security than nuclear weapons (Express) Well, certainly a greater threat than machete hackers, those being rare in these latitudes.

Citing ‘Violent Threats,’ SXSW Cancels Both Pro- and Anti-Gamergate Panels (Jezebel) You stay classy, fragile beta males!

Boy, 15, arrested in Northern Ireland in connection with TalkTalk hack (BBC) If he was in LulzSec, as he claimed, he was 11. Something tells me he’s going to get a swift education in keeping his mouth shut, true or false.

Anonymous Hacks Thai Government Site, Leaks Telecom Data (BatBlue) Sigh, and me without an interview for once.

Grateful Dead win Internet Archive Hero award for viral marketing and sharing (ZDNet) Guess they thought they’d give it to them before any more died.

The Secret History of American Surveillance (RevealNews) Fascinating stuff, from the Center for Investigative Reporting

CCTV Botnet In Our Own Back Yard (Incapsula) A security company obliviously hosts a botnet in its own surveillance cameras.

List of Printers Which Do or Do Not Display Tracking Dots (EFF) If you have a North Korean printer, that’s probably safe.


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