Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 5

Glitch Walk by Nino Farina in Glitch Artists' Collective on Facebook

Glitch Walk by Nino Farina in Glitch Artists’ Collective on Facebook

Are you ready for the first Monday of the rest of your lives, kittens? Not that we have any choice, at least until some kind soul invents a time machine and makes it free to fans of The Cryptosphere: The few, the proud, the undercaffeinated.

Brace yourselves, there’s four more days until the weekend. With enough full-bodied Kenya AAA and meaty headlines to chew on, we can get through it together.

California Trucking Executive and Alleged Computer Hacker Arrested for Extorting $40,000 from Chicago-Area Software Company (OfficeOfInadequateSecurity)

Need a neon glowing V for Vendetta mask in your life? You’re in luck (Choxi)

A vigilante hacker is changing 10,000 WiFi passwords (CNN)

OpNimr leaks 60+ Saudi government email addresses (OpNimr)

Senior Navy intelligence official indicted in covert weapons deal (WaPo)

ISIS in Bangladesh (Guardian)

Snowden’s Twitter game is on point (Storify) On fleek? Whatever, on fiyah.

The FBI Sez: Say Hello to National Cybersecurity Month (FBI)

Martian microbes could make millions? (MIT)

Hand-cranked ‘DDoS’ floors Thai government website amid protests (TheRegister)

SEC Halts $32 Million Scheme That Promised Riches From Amber Mining (SEC)

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